Romar Leisure Furl

in-boom reefing systems

A key design feature of the Romar Leisure Furl system is the open front of the boom shell at the mast side. The mandrel and boom are mounted to the mast independantly, so the sail can be furled with minimal distortion. The distance between the mast and sail can therefore be kept to a mininum, allowing for more sail area and improved overall performance and aesthetics.

All booms are manufactured to suit your specific requirements taking into account sail luff and foot length, displacement and rig type. Every boom will require a fully battened mainsail, designed as an integral part of the reefing system. Leisure furl produce a special sailmakers cut sheet specific to your rig and boom design, to ensure correct performance and correct sail shape in all conditions.

For sailing short-handed and reefing from the comfort of the cockpit, the Leisure furl boom is frequently the number one choice of yacht designers, builders, project managers and owners to provide a secure and elegant reefing solution.


Manual line drive

Drive positioned in front of mast
Max boom length: approx. 8 mtr
No torsion in the boom shell
Manual back-up system included
Low boom weight

In-mandrel drive

Drive positioned inside mandrel
Max boom length Reckmann: 15 mtr
Max boom length Bamar: 25 mtr
No torsion in the boom shell
Manual back-up system (option)

Hydraulic aft drive

Drive system positioned aft of boom
Max boom length: approx. 10 mtr
Low cost alternative compared to in-mandrel drive
Manual back-up system included



These booms are produced from bended aluminium plates. The plates are interlocking and bonded with 2-component epoxy glue.

Carbon fibre

These booms are produced from carbon fibre pre-preg. All booms are laminated in a female mould, and cured in an oven under vacuum.


boom vang

custom sheeting options

carbon fibre mandrel

custom styling

integrated sail cover

custom mast fittings

LED light

mast luff track




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    Romar Tef-Gel Anti-corrosion


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